Today is January 25, 2020

Annual Report

2016 - SEC Change @ 80: 80th Anniversary Celebration and 2016 Accomplishments
2015 - Innovating for Competitiveness
2014 - Fostering Good Corporate Governance
2013 - Protecting Investors, Strengthening the Market
2012 - Raising the level of the competitiveness of the business community and protecting the interests of the investing public
2011 - Enhancing the moral fiber of the SEC human resources
2010 - Formulation and implementation of uniform rules on sharing of information, good corporate governance and cross-border enforcement of capital market regulations with its counterparts in the ASEAN countries
2009 - Encouraging Philippine Business Enterprises to be Conscious of and Responsive to their Corporate Social Responsibility
2008 - Integrity, Accountability, Professionalism, Independence, and Initiative
2007 - Observing best international practices and standards for monitoring regulatory compliance
2006 - Our children, our future
2005 - Enhancing Regulatory Efficiency and Effectiveness toward Strengthening Investor Confidence in Philippine Capital Market Institution
2004 - Working to Strengthen Philippine Capital Market Institutions
2003 - Fulfilling Our Mandate to Restore Investor Confidence
2002 - Towards Good Governance and a Credible Capital Market
2001 - Managing Through Times of Change and Adjustment
2000 - Changes, Opportunities, and Challenges
Reaping the Benefits of Reorganization: The Securities and Exchange Commission at 67
Social Weather Station Transparent and Accountable Governance Survey 2003-2004
MBC Executive Outlook Survey (January 2003)