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017 – Newly-registered Corporations

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07 March 2013

Newly-registered Corporations


Under Section 141 of the Corporation Code, every corporation, domestic or foreign, lawfully doing business in the Philippines shall submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission an annual report of its operations, together with a financial statement of its assets and liabilities, certified by any independent certified public accountant in appropriate cases, covering the preceding fiscal year and such other requirements as the Securities and Exchange Commission may require. Such report shall be submitted within such period as may be prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.


A threshold for the submission of the said audited financial statements is indicated in Section 75 of the Code, as follows:


“SEC. 75. Right to financial statements. — Within ten (10) days from receipt of a written request of any stockholder or member, the corporation shall furnish to him its most recent financial statement, which shall include a balance sheet as of the end of the last taxable year and a profit or loss statement for said taxable year, showing in reasonable detail its assets and liabilities and the result of its operations.


At the regular meeting of stockholders or members, the board of directors or trustees shall present to such stockholders or members a financial report of the operations of the corporation for the preceding year, which shall include financial statements, duly signed and certified by an independent certified public accountant.


However, if the paid-up capital of the corporation is less than P50,000.00 the financial statements may be certified under oath by the treasurer or any responsible officer of the corporation.”


Except for the above limitation on the coverage of entities whose financial report must be audited, the provisions of the Corporation Code do not grant any exemption from the required submission of annual financial statements (AFS).  The filing requirement is applicable to all corporations and organizations registered with the Commission as of the fiscal year end including those newly incorporated during the said year.


Corporations with fiscal year of 31 December that were registered during the last preceding year, regardless of the date of incorporation, must submit their AFS in accordance with the Annual Schedule of Filing of Financial Statements indicated in the applicable Circular of the Commission (for 2012 AFS, SEC Memorandum Circular No. 7, Series of 2012 is applicable). For those with fiscal year other than 31 December, their first AFS shall be due within 120 days after the end of their fiscal year.”