Republic of the Philippines
Securities and Exchange Commission



Other Forms and Instructions

Sample downloadable forms for online submission testing
Application for Renewal of Surety Company Accreditation : SEC Form SCA R-002 (Zip) (Updated 9 November 2009)
Certified Investment Solicitor  (PDF File)  (Zip File)
Pro-Forma Complaints for Planholders and Investors of Legacy
Certificate of Authority to operate as a Lending Company Application Form (Zip File) (Updated 3 June 2013)
SEC Blank Forms for Registration (Sample Only)
Application Form for Lending Companies (PDF) (Posted 05 March 2008)
Special Forms for Lending Companies
Application for Certificate of Authority to Operate as Lending Company (Branch Office) under Lending Company Regulation Act of 2007 (PDF) (Posted 7 Nov. 2007)
Alternative Trading System Forms
Application Form for Accreditation as Credit Rating Company - (ZIP File)
Application Form to Register Financing Company under RA 8556 (The Financing Company Act of 1998) - (PDF)
SEC Memorandum Circular No. 3 series 2007 : Amendments of Reportorial Requirements
Instructions for the Accomplishment of Non-Performing Loan Form
Financing Companies General Information



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