Today is November 14, 2019

Documentary Requirements for Financing Companies

Basic Requirements:
1. General Information Sheets
2. Audited Financial Statements
3. Special Form of Financial Statements
4. Interim Financial Statements
5. Photocopy of the first page of the Stock and Transfer Book
[Note: Reports 1 to 4 must cover the latest two (2) years and should be duly received by the Information and Communications Technology Department]
Additional Requirements:
1. Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention Program, if:
a. P10 million or more paid-up capital; or
b. More than 40% foreign equity.
2. Revised Manual on Corporate Governance, if:
a. P50 million or more total assets; or
b. More than 40% foreign participation in voting stock; or
c. Commercial paper issue, either exempt or registered.
3. Compliance Officer’s Certificate on the extent of compliance to the Manual of Corporate Governance, if covered under the Revised Code of Corporate Governance [latest two (2) years]
4. Copy of proposed Amended Articles of Incorporation and/or By-Laws, if applicable

The processor/staff may also request for the following, if deemed required after review of relevant reports:
1. Annual Information Statements, for covered periods with Commercial Paper Issuances
2. Annual Fees, for periods determined to be unpaid