Today is November 14, 2019

Documentary Requirements for Lending Companies

Basic Requirements:
1. General Information Sheets
2. Audited Financial Statements
3. Special Form of Financial Statements
4. Interim Financial Statements
5. Photocopy of the first page of the Stock and Transfer Book
[Note: Reports 1 to 4 must cover the latest two (2) years and should be duly received by the Information and Communications Technology Department]
Additional Requirements:
1. Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention Program, if:
a. P10 million or more paid-up capital; or
b. More than 40% foreign equity.
2. Copy of proposed Amended Articles of Incorporation and/or By-Laws, if applicable

The processor/staff may also request for the following, if deemed required after review of relevant reports:
1. Annual Information Statements, for covered periods with Commercial Paper Issuances
2. Annual Fees, for periods determined to be unpaid