Today is November 14, 2019


One of the ongoing projects of the Commission is to act as the National Numbering Agency (NNA) of the Philippines.

As the NNA, the Commission will be assigning ISO-standard identifiers for financial instruments. The ISO-standard identifiers currently being assigned by the NNAs globally are the International Securities Number (ISIN) under ISO 6166, the Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) under to ISO 10962 and the Financial Instrument Short Name (FISN) under ISO 18774.

These securities identifiers are used by nearly all countries and therefore are important for cross border trading, clearing and settlement and general identification needs for stocks, bonds and a host of other securities. They are also important reporting elements for several regulations such as MiFID II/MiFIR, MAR, EMIR, etc.

Since 1 July 2017, the revised CFI and the FISN are globally assigned in addition to the ISIN at the time of issuance of a new financial instrument.

In the Philippines, some securities particularly equities were issued previously with ISINs by a substitute numbering agency. And some of these securities with ISINs were also issued with CFIs.

According to the secretariat of the global association of NNAs, the Association of National Numbering Agency (ANNA), the said ISINs and CFIs that were previously issued are to be retained even after the Commission will become the NNA in the Philippines. Securities that were issued previously with ISINs only will be assigned with their corresponding CFIs and FISNs. While those securities that were issued previously with both ISIN and CFI will be assigned with their corresponding FISN. As for new issuances, they will be assigned with new ISIN, CFI and FISN.

Please note that Issuer Short Names that will be submitted should have been approved first internally by the responsible authority.

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