Today is November 23, 2019

Issued Opinions for the Year 2005

Opinion No. 05-23
RE   : Dividends due to a dissolved corporate stockholder

Opinion No. 05-22
RE   : Restrictions on Transferability of Shares

Opinion No. 05-21
RE   : Exemption from Penalties

Opinion No. 05-20
RE   : Officers of ROHQ

Opinion No. 05-19
RE   : Hold-over and other matters

Opinion No. 05-18
RE   : Foreign Corporations to engage in the business of Operating dormitories, boarding house and hotels

Opinion No. 05-17
RE   : Voting requirement in Condominium Corporation

Opinion No. 05-16
RE   : Voting Requirement in Condominium Corporation

Opinion No. 05-15
RE   : Concurrence of Positions of Corporate Officers

Opinion No. 05-14
RE   : Non-stock Corporation : Quorum in Meetings

Opinion No. 05-13
RE   : Non-holding of annual meeting

Opinion No. 05-12
RE   : Voting by Proxy in a Non-stock Corporation

Opinion No. 05-11
RE   : Receivables as consideration for shares of stock

Opinion No. 05-10
RE   : Reduction of Paid-In Equity of a Foreign Branch

Opinion No. 05-09
RE   : Corporate Nationality under the Special Purpose Vehicle Act; Acquisition of Non-Performing Assets

Opinion No. 05-08
RE   : Sale incidental to a company's service is not considered "retail sale"

Opinion No. 05-07
RE   : Effectivity of Amendment or Adoption of New By-laws

Opinion No. 05-06
RE   : Election of a Representative of a corporate member in the Board of Trustees of a Condominium Corporation

Opinion No. 05-05
RE   : Voting Rights of a Delinquent Member

Opinion No. 05-03
RE   : Share issuance from original authorized capital stock; voting requirement

Opinion No. 05-02
RE   : Bearer Certificates

Opinion No. 05-01
RE   : Reclassification of pain-in surplus