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Issued Opinions for the Year 2006

Opinion No. 06-37
RE   : Quorum consisting of less than majority

Opinion No. 06-36
RE   : Corporate Nationality under the FIA; Reclassification of Shares of Stock; Required Equity under the Financing Company Act

Opinion No. 06-35
RE   : Preferred shares; Rate of dividends; Redemption

Opinion No. 06-34
RE   : Limited Practice of Profession of Foreign National

Opinion No. 06-33
RE   : Expiration of Term : Ownership of a Real Property

Opinion No. 06-32
RE   : Sales of industrial or commercial users or consumers not considered "retail trade"

Opinion No. 06-31
RE   : Term of office of the Board of Trustees

Opinion No. 06-30
RE   : Remittance Companies & the Foreign Investment Act

Opinion No. 06-29
RE   : Non-stock Corporations; Use of Profits Derived by Non-stock Corporations. Special Corporations; Non-stock Educational Corporations; Required Number of Members of the Board of Trustees of Non-stock Educational Corporation

Opinion No. 06-28
RE   : Voting Rights of Heirs of deceased stockholder

Opinion No. 06-27
RE   : Stockholders' Right to Financial Statement

Opinion No. 06-26
RE   : Corporations created by special charter

Opinion No. 06-25
RE   : SRC Rule 19 : Tender offer

Opinion No. 06-24
RE   : Principal Office Address; SEC Memo Circular No. 3, series 2006

Opinion No. 06-23
RE   : "Election of the Board of Trustees"

Opinion No. 06-22
RE   : Foundations are not allowed to issue securities including pre-need plans

Opinion No. 06-21
RE   : Refusal to Issue Certificates of Stock; Remedies of a Successful Bidder in an Auction Sale of Shares of Stock

Opinion No. 06-20
RE   : Dissolution of subsidiaries

Opinion No. 06-19
RE   : Validity of provision restricting transferability of shares in close corporations

Opinion No. 06-18
RE   : "Hold-over principle"

Opinion No. 06-17
RE   : Conflict of interest

Opinion No. 06-16
RE   : Proxy rules governing condominium corporation

Opinion No. 06-15
RE   : Credit Card Receivables may be classified as "Assets" under the Securitization Act of 2004 (R.A. 9267)

Opinion No. 06-14
RE   : Public Companies under SEC Memorandum Circular No. 13, series of 2003, as amended

Opinion No. 06-13
RE   : Issuance of Stock Certificates for Partially Paid Subscriptions

Opinion No. 06-12
RE   : Assignment to the Board of Directors of the voting rights of delinquent members of a condominium corp.

Opinion No. 06-10
RE   : Unit Trust Fund as Securities

Opinion No. 06-09
RE   : Requisites for Directors'/Stockholders' Meeting

Opinion No. 06-08
RE   : PSE query on classification of broker corporations/firms

Opinion No. 06-07
RE   : Retail Trade : Qualification to Engage in Retail Trade

Opinion No. 06-06
RE   : Sale of shares of stock of a revoked corporation

Opinion No. 06-05
RE   : Amendment of a rural bank's articles to reflect conversion of shares from preferred to common

Opinion No. 06-04
RE   : Effective Date of Merger

Opinion No. 06-03
RE   : Dissolution : Reckoning of Liquidation period

Opinion No. 06-02
RE   : Delegation of the power to amend or repeal by-laws or adopt new by-laws

Opinion No. 06-01
RE   : Dissolution and Lifting Order of Revocation; Expiration of term