Today is November 18, 2019

Issued Opinions for the Year 2007

Opinion No. 07-23
RE   : Non-use of charter; continuous inoperation of a corporation

Opinion No. 07-22
RE   : Application of the Grand-father Rule to determine nationality of a corporation organized to engaged in real estate business

Opinion No. 07-21
RE   : Control Test Rule

Opinion No. 07-20
RE   : Nationality requirement of public utility concessionaire

Opinion No. 07-18
RE   : Consortium of San Miguel Energy

Opinion No. 07-17
RE   : Control Test Rule

Opinion No. 07-16
RE   : Requirement for Proxy

Opinion No. 07-15
RE   : Reportorial Requirements

Opinion No. 07-14
RE   : Manufacturing is not incidental to the business of selling

Opinion No. 07-13
RE   : Interpretation of Section 5 of the Revised Guidelines on Foundations

Opinion No. 07-12
RE   : Powers of Corporate Officers; Dissolution of corporation

Opinion No. 07-11
RE   : Independent Directors

Opinion No. 07-10
RE   : Creation of subsidiary corporation

Opinion No. 07-08
RE   : Hold-Over Term of Directors

Opinion No. 07-07
RE   : Non-Filipino Nationals as Officers; Members of non-stock corporations

Opinion No. 07-06
RE   : Transfer of Shares; Documentary Requirements

Opinion No. 07-05
RE   : "Philippine National"

Opinion No. 07-04
RE   : Reportorial Requirements

Opinion No. 07-03
RE   : Sinking fund for preferred shares with mandatory redemption features

Opinion No. 07-02
RE   : Dissolution and Winding Up

Opinion No. 07-01
RE   : Frequency of Regular Meetings of Board of Directors; Date of Annual Meeting