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Issued Opinions for the Year 2008

Opinion No. 08-28
RE   : Effect of acquisition of juridical personality by the component societies separate from the national organization

Opinion No. 08-27
RE   : Foreign equity in Condominium Corporation

Opinion No. 08-26
RE   : Merger of a Corporation Sole With a Non-Stock, Non-Profit Charitable Institution

Opinion No. 08-25
RE   : Corporate Officers Not Considered Employees

Opinion No. 08-24
RE   : Advertising : Interpretation of Purpose Clause

Opinion No. 08-23
RE   : Foreign equity in partly Nationalized industry (60-40% Rule)

Opinion No. 08-22
RE   : Prospective application of R. A. No. 9474

Opinion No. 08-21
RE   : Nationality Requirement for Domestic and International Air Commerce

Opinion No. 08-20
RE   : Foreign Bank Branch Office as Trustee of an Employee Retirement Fund: Limitation on Real Estate Investment

Opinion No. 08-19
RE   : Foreign investment in manufacturing and wholesale of coffee beans

Opinion No. 08-18
RE   : By-Laws: Exemption from Dues and Assessment

Opinion No. 08-17
RE   : Effect of re-registration of a revoked corporation

Opinion No. 08-16
RE   : Unknown Stockholders; Acquisition of Shares

Opinion No. 08-15
RE   : Term of Existence of Religious Society

Opinion No. 08-14
RE   : Nationality requirement; financing companies

Opinion No. 08-13
RE   : Financing Act : 25% limit on real estate acquisition

Opinion No. 08-12
RE   : Required Number of Votes in Amendments

Opinion No. 08-11
RE   : Power of the Board to Enter in Suretyship Agreements and to Issue Corporate Guarantee

Opinion No. 08-10
RE   : Dividends

Opinion No. 08-09
RE   : Proxy Requirements

Opinion No. 08-08
RE   : Transfer of Shares; Waiver of Pre-emptive Right; Election of Board of Directors

Opinion No. 08-07
RE   : "Collection of Association Dues of Condominium Corporations"

Opinion No. 08-06
RE   : Application of the Retail Trade Liberalization Act to a PEZA-Registered Enterprise, and Other Matters

Opinion No. 08-05
RE   : Real estate ownership by foreigners

Opinion No. 08-04
RE   : Decrease of Capital Stock, Return of Capital

Opinion No. 08-03
RE   : Philippine Holding Company : Philippine Landholding Company

Opinion No. 08-02
RE   : Intangible Property as Consideration for Subscription of Shares

Opinion No. 08-01
RE   : Dissolution and Piercing Doctrine