Today is November 17, 2019

Issued Opinions for the Year 2009

Opinion No. 09-33
RE   : Activities that a foreign-owned corporation may engage in

Opinion No. 09-32
RE   : Increase in Foreign Equity in a Domestic Corporation engaged in online casino

Opinion No. 09-31
RE   : Corporate Liquidation

Opinion No. 09-30
RE   : Exemption of 100% foreign owned holding company from minimum paid-up capital requirement

Opinion No. 09-29
RE   : Powers of a Corporation

Opinion No. 09-28
RE   : Lending Company Regulation; Foreign equity threshold

Opinion No. 09-27
RE   : Proxy: Non-eligibility for Election to the Board

Opinion No. 09-26
RE   : Increase of Capital Stock and Consideration for Stock

Opinion No. 09-25
RE   : Special Purpose Vehicle Act : Consideration for True Sale

Opinion No. 09-24
RE   : Mass revocation orders; Powers of a Revoked Corporation

Opinion No. 09-23
RE   : Foreign Equity Participation in Construction Business

Opinion No. 09-22
RE   : Retail trade; R.A. No. 8762

Opinion No. 09-21-A
RE   : Redemption of Preferred Shares; Treasury shares

Opinion No. 09-21
RE   : Redemption of Preferred Shares; Treasury shares

Opinion No. 09-20
RE   : Corporate Powers: Ultra Vires Acts

Opinion No. 09-19
RE   : Rights of a corporation under liquidation

Opinion No. 09-18
RE   : Foreign Corporation: Doing Business

Opinion No. 09-17
RE   : Application of Anti-Dummy Law to a Condominium Corporation

Opinion No. 09-16
RE   : Secondary License

Opinion No. 09-15
RE   : Nationality Requirement on Rice and/or Corn Industry

Opinion No. 09-14
RE   : Freight Forwarding and Anti-Dummy Law

Opinion No. 09-13
RE   : Effective Date of Merger

Opinion No. 09-12
RE   : Concept of "doing business"

Opinion No. 09-11
RE   : Power of a Corporation to Purchase Its Own Shares

Opinion No. 09-10
RE   : Reclassification of Shares; Required Equity under the Financing Company Act

Opinion No. 09-09
RE   : Control Test: Alien Acquisition of Land

Opinion No. 09-08
RE   : Ownership, Control, Administration and Student Population of Educational Corporations

Opinion No. 09-07
RE   : Foreign Corporation : Doing Business

Opinion No. 09-06
RE   : Eligibility and Removal of Directors/Trustees

Opinion No. 09-05
RE   : Regular meeting of board of directors

Opinion No. 09-04
RE   : Registration of Securities

Opinion No. 09-03
RE   : Anti-Dummy Law: Foreign Manager/Director

Opinion No. 09-02
RE   : Composition of the Board of Directors Under the Anti-Dummy Law

Opinion No. 09-01-A
RE   : Citizenship Requirement to participate in Private Recruitment

Opinion No. 09-01
RE   : Allowable Investments of Trustee and Foreign Investments in Preferred Non-Voting Shares