Today is November 17, 2019

Issued Opinions for the Year 2010

Opinion No. 10-35
RE   : Customs Brokerage service

Opinion No. 10-34
RE   : Creation of Additional Paid in Capital

Opinion No. 10-33
RE   : Securities; Exemption From Section 8 of the Securities Regulation Code

Opinion No. 10-32
RE   : Used of Registered Business or Trade Name in Business Documents

Opinion No. 10-31
RE   : Foreign ownership in a local mining corporation

Opinion No. 10-30
RE   : Foreign Ownership Limitations on International Freight Forwarders

Opinion No. 10-29
RE   : Transacting with a corporation whose charter has been revoked

Opinion No. 10-28
RE   : Loan Collateral Build-up in a Lending Company; Deposit Substitute

Opinion No. 10-27
RE   : Notice of Meetings, Delinquent Stockholders

Opinion No. 10-26
RE   : Lending Company

Opinion No. 10-25
RE   : Directors with Dual Citizenship; Qualifications of Directors and Corporate Officers

Opinion No. 10-24
RE   : Acquisition of Own Shares of Stock

Opinion No. 10-23
RE   : Ownership Structure of a Land-Owning Corporation

Opinion No. 10-22
RE   : Setting up of Servers in the Philippines by a Foreign Corporation

Opinion No. 10-21
RE   : Interest in Co-ownership as Consideration for Shares of Stock

Opinion No. 10-20
RE   : Acquisition of Land by a Corporation; Dividend Distribution Mechanism; Director's Fees

Opinion No. 10-19
RE   : Scope of Globe Telecom, Inc.'s authorized retail activity

Opinion No. 10-18
RE   : Capital Restructuring

Opinion No. 10-17
RE   : Qualification of a Corporate Secretary; Revised Code of Corporate Governance

Opinion No. 10-16
RE   : Service of Summons through the Commission

Opinion No. 10-15
RE   : Delinquent Stocks, Delinquency Sale, Effect of Delinquency

Opinion No. 10-14
RE   : Acquisition of Own Shares of Stock

Opinion No. 10-13
RE   : Doing Business; Jewelry Auction not a retail trade business

Opinion No. 10-12
RE   : Non-stock corporation; Voting by mail

Opinion No. 10-10
RE   : Liquidation

Opinion No. 10-09
RE   : Foreigners as Corporate Directors

Opinion No. 10-08
RE   : Foreign Equity in Ship Management and Ship Manning Corporations

Opinion No. 10-07
RE   : Effect of Revocation of License to Transact Business in the Philippines

Opinion No. 10-06
RE   : Liquidation

Opinion No. 10-05
RE   : Business Processing and Collection Center as Financing Company

Opinion No. 10-04
RE   : Investment of corporate funds in corporate notes

Opinion No. 10-03
RE   : Assignment of Leasehold Rights

Opinion No. 10-02
RE   : Close holding corporation; Founder's shares

Opinion No. 10-01
RE   : Allowed activities for a foreign bank's representative office in the Philippines