Today is November 18, 2019

Issued Opinions for the Year 2011

Opinion No. 11-49
RE   : Sale of Securities; Investment Contract

Opinion No. 11-48
RE   : Re-election of the Members of the Board of Directors

Opinion No. 11-47
RE   : Foreign donation to domestic foundation

Opinion No. 11-46
RE   : Authority to Engage in Mining Activities

Opinion No. 11-45
RE   : Rights of stockholder

Opinion No. 11-44
RE   : Nationality Restriction; Control Test and Grandfather Rule; Composition of the Board

Opinion No. 11-43
RE   : Criminal liability of Directors

Opinion No. 11-42
RE   : Determination of Nationality of a Corporation

Opinion No. 11-41
RE   : Availability of Pre-emptive Rights; Ownership Restrictions in the PSE

Opinion No. 11-40
RE   : Licensing of foreign corporation; Doing business; Purchase of condominium units

Opinion No. 11-39
RE   : Trade name; Corporate name

Opinion No. 11-38
RE   : Revoked corporations

Opinion No. 11-37
RE   : Foreign equity/foreign president in mining corporation

Opinion No. 11-36
RE   : Condominium Corporation

Opinion No. 11-35
RE   : Membership in Condominium Corporation; Merger

Opinion No. 11-34
RE   : Retail trade; Incidental to primary purpose

Opinion No. 11-33
RE   : Primary purpose; secondary purpose

Opinion No. 11-32
RE   : Operating Lease; R.A. No. 8556

Opinion No. 11-31
RE   : Queries on Quorum, Special Election & Financial Assistance

Opinion No. 11-30
RE   : Dissolution & Liquidation

Opinion No. 11-29
RE   : Rights of stockholder; Inspection of corporate records

Opinion No. 11-28
RE   : Registration of increase of authorized capital stock by a "non-Philippine national" corporation

Opinion No. 11-27
RE   : Restriction on Ownership by Foreigners of Equity in Domestic Market Enterprises

Opinion No. 11-26
RE   : Section 42 of the Corporation Code; Control Test and Grandfather Rule; Disclosures

Opinion No. 11-25
RE   : Foreign Ownership Restriction

Opinion No. 11-24
RE   : Assignment of real property as consideration for stock subscription

Opinion No. 11-23
RE   : Quorum

Opinion No. 11-22
RE   : Condominium corporation

Opinion No. 11-20
RE   : Exemption from the Filing of GIS

Opinion No. 11-19
RE   : Procedure for Election of Directors

Opinion No. 11-18
RE   : Corporate Investments

Opinion No. 11-17
RE   : Limitation on Ownership of Shares of Stock

Opinion No. 11-16
RE   : Stock and Transfer Book; Executive Committee

Opinion No. 11-15
RE   : Applicability of Foreign Ownership Restriction; Holding Companies

Opinion No. 11-14
RE   : Definition of 'Gross Income' under Sec. 126 of the Corporation Code

Opinion No. 11-13
RE   : Corporate Term; Corporate Name

Opinion No. 11-12
RE   : Non-stock Corporations; Purposes/Business Activities

Opinion No. 11-11
RE   : Income-generating activities of Non-Stock Corporations

Opinion No. 11-10
RE   : Titles of corporate officers; Board meetings through the internet; Requirement of member signature in membership book

Opinion No. 11-09
RE   : Sale of stock in excess of authorized capital stock

Opinion No. 11-08
RE   : Mass Media; Nationalized Activities; Alien Director

Opinion No. 11-07
RE   : Requirement of Capital Subscription for Non-stock Corporations

Opinion No. 11-06
RE   : Licensing of foreign corporation; Doing Business

Opinion No. 11-05
RE   : Assignment of Rights Over Condotel Units

Opinion No. 11-04
RE   : Corporate term; Corporations existing prior to Corporation Code; Religious corporations

Opinion No. 11-03
RE   : Decrease of authorized capital stock; Foreign Investments Act

Opinion No. 11-02
RE   : Proxy ballots; Required vote to confirm acts of the board

Opinion No. 11-01
RE   : Public Access to Reports filed with the SEC; Registration Name