Today is November 18, 2019

Issued Opinions for the Year 2012

Opinion No. 12-19
RE   : Rules on Issuer Tender Offer/Buyback

Opinion No. 12-18
RE   : Quorum and Voting Rights in a Condominium  Corporation

Opinion No. 12-17
RE   : Registration under the Foreign Investments Act of 1991

Opinion No. 12-16
RE   : Marketing and Sale of Discount Coupons

Opinion No. 12-15
RE   : Effect of Merger on the Condominium Certificate Title

Opinion No. 12-14
RE   : Merger of Two Foreign Corporations

Opinion No. 12-13
RE   : Citizenship of a Trust; Citizenship Requirement in Airline Company

Opinion No. 12-12
RE   : Query on Transfer of Principal Office Address

Opinion No. 12-11
RE   : Foreign owned corporation; Real property

Opinion No. 12-10
RE   : Independent Directors; SRC Rule 38(2)

Opinion No. 12-09
RE   : Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations; Unclaimed Capital Contributions

Opinion No. 12-08
RE   : Query on Validity of By-Laws

Opinion No. 12-07
RE   : Foreign Corporation; Scope of license

Opinion No. 12-06
RE   : Treasury Shares

Opinion No. 12-05
RE   : Election of Directors by Region; Amendment of By-Laws

Opinion No. 12-04
RE   : Re-domestication of a Foreign Corporation

Opinion No. 12-03
RE   : Foreign ownership restriction

Opinion No. 12-02
RE   : Allowable Foreign Participation in a Corporation and in the Board of Directors; Place of Incorporation Test; Control Test and Grandfather Rule

Opinion No. 12-01
RE   : Foreign president is a real estate development corporation