Today is November 17, 2019

Issued Opinions for the Year 2014

Opinion No. 14-36
RE: Minimum number of Independent Directors; Articles of Incorporation

Opinion No. 14-35
RE: Remittance of Donations of a Domestic Corporation to that of a Foreign Foundation

Opinion No. 14-34
RE: Retail Trade Law; Republic Act No. 8762

Opinion No. 14-33
RE: Forced Acquisition of Foreign-Held Shares of Stocks in an Educational Institution

Opinion No. 14-32
RE: Foreign Ownership restrictions

Opinion No. 14-31
RE: Transfers under the Special Purpose Vehicle Act

Opinion No. 14-30
RE: Certificates of Eligibility in relation to Special Purpose Vehicle Act

Opinion No. 14-29
RE: Title to Real Properties; Liquidation

Opinion No. 14-28
RE: SEC- OGC Opinion No. 10-21; Interest in Co-Ownership as Consideration for Shares of Stocks

Opinion No. 14-27
RE: Foreign Equity Limitations on Corporations Engaged in Private Construction Contracts

Opinion No. 14-26
RE: Tour Operators as Export Market Enterprises under the Foreign Investment Act

Opinion No. 14-25
RE: Non-Stock Corporations; Quorum and Voting; Voting Rights

Opinion No. 14-24
RE: Department Secretaries/Agency Heads and their Representatives as Directors in a SEC-Registered GOCC

Opinion No. 14-23
RE: Closed Corporations; Powers of the President; Right of Inspection

Opinion No. 14-22
RE: Revoked Corporations; who may be liquidators

Opinion No. 14-21
RE: Foreign Corporation; Doing Business

Opinion No. 14-20
RE: Anti-Dummy Law; Foreign Directors in an Educational Institution

Opinion No. 14-19
RE: Anti-Dummy Law in Condominium Corporations

Opinion No. 14-18
RE: Perpetual Corporate Term of Existence

Opinion No. 14-17
RE: Certificate of Ownership of Columbay Vaults

Opinion No. 14-16
RE: SEC-OGC Opinion No. 08-11 on Power of Corporations to enter into Guaranty and Suretyship Agreements

Opinion No. 14-15
RE: Foreign Equity Limitation

Opinion No. 14-14
RE: Public Offering

Opinion No. 14-13
RE: Reversal of APIC and Reinvestment as Capital or as Loan

Opinion No. 14-12
RE: Retail Trade

Opinion No. 14-11
RE: Domestic market enterprises; mass media

Opinion No. 14-10
RE: Cumulative Voting in Condominium Corporation

Opinion No. 14-09
RE: Election of Trustees; Less than the number of seats

Opinion No. 14-08
RE: Retail Trade, R.A. 8762

Opinion No. 14-07
RE: Filling-up of Vacancies on the Board of Trustees

Opinion No. 14-06
RE: Marketing and Sale of Digital Publication Through the Internet and Mobile Technology; Advertising; Mass Media

Opinion No. 14-05
RE: Foreign Directors and Officers in a land-owning corporation

Opinion No. 14-04
RE: Qualification/Disqualification of Board of Directors; Conflict of Interest

Opinion No. 14-03
RE: Minimum public ownership of REIT; trustee of a pre-need trust fund

Opinion No. 14-02
RE: Trustee in Liquidation

Opinion No. 14-01
RE: Doing Business; Foreign Corporation Investing in a Consortium