Today is November 17, 2019

Issued Opinions for the Year 2015

Opinion No. 15-15
Re: Holding Companies Deemed Domestic Market Enterprises; Subject to FINL

Opinion No. 15-14
Re: Foreign Equity Limitations on Ground Handling Services

Opinion No. 15-13
Re: Amendment of By_laws adding three (3) additional Corporate Officers designated as Presidents

Opinion No. 15-12
Re: Non-Stock Savings and Loan Association; Limitations as to the Compensation of Trustees

Opinion No. 15-11
Re: Winding-Up Period; Trustees in Liquidation

Opinion No. 15-10
Re: Retail Trade

Opinion No. 15-09
Re: Liquidation of Non-Stock Corporation

Opinion No. 15-08
Re: Political Contributions by Corporations

Opinion No. 15-07
Re: Corporate Liquidation

Opinion No. 15-06
Re: Investment by a Representative Office in Stocks of a Domestic Company

Opinion No. 15-05
Re: Voting Rights of Members in a Non-Stock Corporations

Opinion No. 15-04
Re: Broker/Dealer in Proprietary Shares; Mutual Fund Distributor

Opinion No. 15-03
Re: Alternative References of Stock Ownership Other Than the STB

Opinion No. 15-02
Re: Conduct of Stockholders' Meeting in Metro Manila

Opinion No. 15-01
Re: Whether real estate is considered "income-generating real estate" under the Real Estate Investment Trust Act of 2009

Sun Life Asset and Management Company
Re: Issuance of Securities of a Mutual Fund Company apart from its Authorized Capital Stock