Today is December 16, 2019

Granted Appeal/Petitions

SEC-AC No 467, SEC Case No. 03946
Motion to Release Rentals filed by Sy Chin, on 114 Dec 2006, and Motion to Relieve, filed by Sy Chin, on 7 April 1995.
SEC En Banc Case No. 02-15-357
Petition for the issuance of a Take-Over Order (Petition) pursuant to Section 9, Article X of the Capital Markets Integrity Corporation (CMIC) Rules, in relation to Rule 33.2(D) of the SRC, against I. ACKERMAN & CO. INC.
SEC Case No. 01-14-417
Petition dated 27 December 2013 Filed on even date by CE LUZON GEOTHERMAL POWER COMPANY, INC. (Petitioner) for voluntary dissolution under Section 119 of the Corporation Code
List of Corporations with Approved Petitions to set aside Order of Revocation