Republic of the Philippines
Securities and Exchange Commission
Crown Regency Holiday International, Inc., Fuente Triangle Realty Development Corporation, Megatrend Realty Network, Inc., and Boracay Multiple Properties Developers, Inc. (PDF) (Posted 10 Mar 2014)
Xinagasia Marketing Corporation (PDF) (Posted 10 Mar 2014)
Foreign Exchange Trading (PDF) (Posted 23 Jan 2014)
Alien Infiltration of Retail Trade Industry in Negros Province (PDF) (Posted 10 Dec 2013)
Cardlinks Teleconn Insurance Agency (PDF) (Posted 25  Sep 2013)
Guidelines on the Outsourcing of Functions by Broker Dealers (PDF) (Posted 24  Sep 2013)
Temecula Financial Resources, Inc. (PDF) (Posted 24  Sep 2013)
Pre-selling securities to the public in the form of shares of stock in hospitals (PDF) (Posted 23 Jul 2013)
Guidelines in Buying Shares or Membership Certificates in Resorts and Clubs (PDF) (Posted 18 Jul 2013)
CBR Global Group (PDF) (Posted 11  Jul 2013)
Email Scam : Change of supplier Bank details (PDF) (Posted 2  Jul 2013)
Central Mindanao Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. (CMMBAI) (PDF) (Posted 24  Jun 2013)
North East Luzon Foundation, Inc. (PDF) (Posted 4  Jun 2013)
Scam in Marinduque (PDF) (Posted 24  May 2013)
Finance Global Marketing Services (PDF) (Posted 24  May 2013)
1 Riders Power Team, Inc. (PDF) (Posted 24  May 2013)
Evergreen Company (PDF) (Posted 24  May 2013)
Profit Clicking JSS-Tripler Justbeenpaid (PDF) (Posted 24  May 2013)
Ok's Global Wellness, Inc. (PDF) (Posted 24  May 2013)
"BIZ TOWER MINI"  (PDF) (Posted 4 April 2013)
CONNECTACONS, INC.  (PDF) (Posted 13  March 2013)
Unauthorized Sale of Pre-need Pland and Life Insurance and Pyramiding Scam in Davao City  (PDF) (Posted 8  March 2013)
Investment Scam in Tandag City, Surigao Del Sur  (PDF) (Posted 4  March 2013)
Professional Forex Union Limited  (PDF) (Posted 5 February 2013)
Fraudulent Scheme or Investment Scam in Imus Cavite  (PDF) (Posted 11 January 2013)
2014 Schedule of Filing of Annual Financial Statements (PDF) (Posted 20 September 2013)

Corporations with SEC Number ending in 1 and 2 (PDF) (Posted 11 March 2014)

Time schedule on submission of FS reports (PDF) (Posted 13 Janaury 2014)


Guidelines and Directives to Assist Issuers of Registered Securities and Other Market Participants Concerned in Complying with the Requirements of BIR Revenue Regulation No. 1-2014 (PDF) (Posted 16 April 2014)
SEC Issues a Reminder for Strict Compliance of Financial Reporting Obligations (PDF) (Posted 15 April 2014)
Submission of the General and Special Form for Financial Statements in electronic format (PDF) (Posted 8 April 2014)
All Asia Plans Corporation - Education Claims (PDF) (Posted 12 March 2014)
Corporations with SEC Number ending in 1 and 2 (PDF) (Posted 11 March 2014)
Corporate Governance Training Providers (PDF) (Posted 17 Jan 2014)
Exposure Draft of the Consolidated Scale of Fines and Penalties
  Invitation to comment (PDF) (Posted 26 Nov 2013)
  Consolidated Scale of Fines and Penalties (PDF) (Posted 26 Nov 2013)
SEC New Schedule of Fees and Charges for comment (PDF) (Posted 21 Nov 2013)
ACMF Questionnaire on ASEAN Disclosure Standards and Review Framework

Invitation to comment (PDF) (Posted 18 Nov 2013)
  ASEAN Equity Securities Disclosure Standards (PDF) (Posted 18 Nov 2013)
  ASEAN Debt Securities Disclosure Standards (PDF) (Posted 18 Nov 2013)
  ACMF ASEAN Disclosure Standards and ASEAN Common Prospectus Streamlined Review Framework – Industry consultation (Zip) (Posted 18 Nov 2013)

Proposed Amendments to SRC Rule 68 (Posted 6 Nov 2013)

  Invitation to comment (PDF)
  Comparative Matrix of the Proposed Amendments to SRC Rule 68 (Zip)
  Objectives of the Proposed Amendments to SRC Rule 68 (PDF)
  Annexes 68-A  Proposed Amendment to SRC Rule 68 (Zip)
Advisory on Possible Dealings with Corporations Involved in the "Pork Barrel" Scam (Posted 24 Oct 2013)
Notice to the Public on the discontinuance of PCSO endorsement requirement in application for registration (Posted 17 Oct 2013)
The Securities and Exchange Commission is pleased to announced the renaming of its Departments and Directors. (PDF) (Posted 11 Oct 2013)
Credit Information Corporation (PDF) (Posted 12 Sep 2013)

Workshop on Credit Reporting in the Philippines                    (PDF) (Posted 12 Sep 2013)
Rules and Regulation on Microfinance Non-Government Organization (PDF) (Posted 24 Jul 2013)
General Information Sheet (GIS) submission (PDF) (Posted 1  Jul 2013)
Submission of the Annual Corporate Governance Report (ACGR) for Listed Companies pursuant to SEC Memorandum  No. 5, series 2013 (PDF) (Posted 27  Jun 2013)





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