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Electronic Registry of Application for Market Participant (eRAMP) << Please Click

A computerized internet-based real time facility that allows on-line submission and/or uploading of applications, evaluation and processing of applications, issuance of registration/licenses, payment of annual fees, and monitoring of Capital Market Participants.

Capital Market Institutions (CMIs)
• Broker/Dealer in Securities
• Broker in Securities
• Dealer in Securities
• Brokers in Proprietary Shares
• Voice Brokers in Securities
• Investment Houses
• Investment Houses Engaged in Dealing Government Securities
• Underwriters of Securities Engaged in Dealing Government Securities
• Government Securities Eligible Dealers
• Investment Company Advisers
• Mutual Fund Distributors

Capital Market Professional (CMPs)
• Associated Persons (AP)
• Compliance Officer (CO)
• Salesmen/Fixed Income Market Salesman (S/FIMS)
• Certified Investment Solicitors (CIS)


• It allows online submission of applications for registration of Capital Market Professionals, Capital Market Institution Branch and application for payment of Annual Fees
• It allows the online submission of Notice of Termination.
• It provides real-time searching for registered Capital Market Participants.
• It provides automatic generation of a Certificate of Registration (CR) and Confirmation of Payment (COP) of Annual fees.