Document Type Description Due Date
SEC FORM 33 – A Amendment Form for Exchanges Within 7 days from the date of the occurrence of the event
SEC FORM GIS General Information Sheet Within 30 calendar days following the date of stockholder’s meeting per by-laws. If no meeting was held on that calendar year, on or before 30th of January of the following year.
*** AFS Audited Financial Statement Please refer to the Yearly SEC Memorandum Circular on the dates of submission based on the entity’s last digit SEC Registration number.
SEC FORM MCG – 2009 Certificate of Compliance with the Manual of Corporate Governance On or before the 30th day of January of the following year
*** Secretary’s Certificate on the Attendance of Board of Directors Certificate of Attendance of Directors in meetings of the Board of Directors On or before the 30th day of January of the following year
*** Block Sale Report Exchange’s report on Block Sales One (1) day after the date of transaction
*** Ceiling/Floor Alerts Exchange’s report on Ceiling and Floor Breaches Immediately after the occurrence of the transaction
*** Report on Trading of PSE Shares Broker/Dealer’s report on transactions/trading of PSE shares Due date should be 9:00 AM of the next trading day
SEC FORM 23-B Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership of Securities On or before the 10th day after close of each calendar month

*** – Note: No Prescribed format