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Annexes to SRC

Annex A Publication of Notice of Filing Registration Statement
Annex B Definition of Terms Used In Full Disclosure Forms
Annex C Non-Financial Disclosure Requirements Updated 03 March 2004
Annex D Client Agreement
Annex E Minimum requirements for Subordination Agreements and Miscellaneous Provisions
Annex F Information Relating to Possession or Control Requirements Under SRC Rule 49.2-1
Annex G Formula for Determination of Reserve Requirements of Broker Dealers Under SRC Rule 49.2-1
Annex H Explanation of Books and Records Rule
Annex I Customer Account Information Form
Annex J General Notes to Financial Statements
Annex K Balance Sheet – Form of Statement
Annex L Form of Statement(S) of Income and Retained Earnings
Annex M Form and Content of Schedules