Today is December 7, 2019


Form Type Description Provision Fees Validity
SEC Form ExA-001 Initial Application for External Auditor SRC Rule 68, As Amended Group A: P5,050.00
Group B: P3,030.00
Group C: P2,020.00
Group D: P2,020.00
3 Years
SEC Form ExA-001-R Renewal Application for External Auditor
SEC Form AuF-002 Initial Application for Auditing Firm Group A: P20,200.00
Group B: P15,150.00
Group C: P5,050.00
Group D: P5,050.00
SEC Form AuF-002-R Renewal Application for Auditing Firm
SEC Form AC-AR-Annual Report of Appraisal Company Appraisal Company Memo Cir.2, S.2014 P5,050.00

(P2,000.00 annual fee not later than January 31st of the year)

5 Years
SEC Form SCA-0001 Surety Company Memo Cir.9, S.2012 P5,000.00 3 Years
SEC Form SCA R-002 Renewal Surety Company P5,000.00 + P100.00 per broker/dealer
SEC Form CRA-12 Credit Rating Agency SRC Rule 12 and Memo Cir.7, S.2014 P60,600.00

(P12,000 annual fee settled annually at least 45 days prior to the anniversary of the CRA’s anniversary)

***Application Training Providers on Corporate Governance Memo Cir.11, S.2012 P5,000.00 3 Years

*** - No prescribed format