Today is July 14, 2020

Government Securities Eligible Dealer


Type of Application

Processing Procedure

Subject of Evaluation

Processors/Approving Authority

Processing Time

Certificate of Registration

Filing fees:

1. P50,000 + LRF





2. P25,000 + LRF

B only

D only

3. P10,000 + LRF



4. P3,000 + LRF


Certificate of Authority


1. Applicant presents SL documents to LU OD.

(In some cases, the SL documents are not ready, with the applicant not knowing that the Purpose being applied for requires SL; LU OD gives applicant CORs)

All documents required OD 1 minute

 2. LU OD takes SL documents to LU AD for assignment; AD assigns to LU SC/SS.

(Applications presented to the EB should be assigned to SC; LU has no SC since 2014, so these are now assigned to the LU SS)

All documents required OD/AD 1 minute

 3. LU SC/SS evaluates 4 sets of SL documents vis-à-vis COR.

(If with deficiencies, LU SC/SS retains the originals and returns 3 copies to applicant, with the COR citing deficiencies.)

(Per experience, it takes time for applicant to fully comply with the requirements.)

All documents required vis-à-vis compliance with pertinent laws and SEC rules and regulations SC/SS 1 working day

4. LU AD reviews application with LU SC/SS.

(If still with deficiencies, applicant is given another COR citing the deficiencies; application is returned to applicant for compliance.)

All documents required vis-à-vis compliance with pertinent laws and SEC rules and regulations SC/SS 15 working days

 5. LU AD prepares the Memo to EB, with LU SC/SS.

(The LU SC should be the one preparing the Memo to EB, since LU has no SC, the AD has to, prepare it with the LU SC/SS.)

Memo and all documents required

SC/SS 2 days

 6. LU Clerk forwards Memo to CRMD D

    5 minutes

 7. CRMD D okays Memo and instructs LU to issue PAF.

  D 1 working day

 8. LU SC/SS issues PAF; advises applicant to show SL PAF to CPRD SS as go signal that PR PAF may also be issued (so that both PR & SL filing fees may be paid together)

PAF SC/SS 15 minutes

 9. Upon receipt of SL documents from CFRD, LU SC/SS re-evaluates the SL documents.

(If with deficiencies (e.g., documents evaluated different from what was received by CFRD; missing documents), applicant is called for conference, given another COR citing the deficiencies; SL documents are returned to the applicant for compliance.)

Memo and all documents required vis-à-vis compliance with pertinent laws and SEC rules and regulations

SC/SS 5 working days

10. LU AD finalizes the Memo; LU SC/SS and LU AD initial Memo

Memo and all documents required

SC/SS/AD 1 working day

11. CRMD D signs Memo and forwards it to the EB, through the Supervising Commissioner

Memo and all documents required

D and Staff 30 minutes

12. EB deliberates on/approves application.


(In case of any finding, the Memo and SL documents are returned to CRMD for appropriate action)

Memo vis-à-vis compliance with pertinent laws and SEC rules and regulations

EB  1 working day

13. Upon receipt of EB-approved Memo from CRMD D, LU SC/SS prepares and initials CA/CR


CR/CA vis-à-vis consistency with all documents required

SC/SS 30 minutes

14. LU AD reviews and initials CA/CR.


CR/CA vis-à-vis consistency with all documents required  AD 10 minutes

15. CRMD D signs CA/CR.

CR/CA vis-à-vis consistency with all documents

D 10 minutes


LU-Licensing Unit

SL-Secondary License

OD-Officer of the Day

COR- Checklist of Requirements

SC-Securities Counsel

SS-Securities Specialist

AD-Assistant Director

D – Director

EB- En Banc

PAF-Payment Assessment Form

CR-Certificate of Registration

CA-Certificate of Authority


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