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Philifintech Innovation Office, its objectives, mandate and functions

The Philifintech Innovation Office is created to foster innovation and customize the fintech landscape in the Philippines. Its objectives and mandates are as follows:


  • To reduce gaps in consumer and investor protection balanced with financial inclusion as tempered by financial integrity and stability, through dedicated focus on regulation of the increase of unauthorized or unregulated fintech.
  • To create better-informed policies for the regulation of new and existing fintech.
  • To capacitate the Commission with technical expertise to effectively regulate fintech and promote an innovative culture in the Commission.


  • Serve as the first point of contact for Fintechs that are applying for registration, or existing Fintechs that have been operating or are introducing new Fintech products, in navigating the Commission’s regulatory landscape.
  • Document, analyze, and understand Fintech business models and their possible impacts on the market and its participants.
  • Formulate and execute regulatory responses that temper the promotion of the growth of Fintech firms with policy geared at protecting investors and market participants through the policy development functions of the Commission