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SEC Campaign Network Webinar Series of 2020
12 August 2020
  Introduction to the Securities and Exchange Commission Mandate and Functions
  The Revised Corporation Code:Salient Provisions
16 September 2020
  How to Start a Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise (MSME)
23 September 2020
  Introduction and Overview of OGA Functions
  Updates on the Accreditation Process of Auditors
  Updates on the Accounting & Audit Policies and Circulars
  Rules and Regulations on the Implementation of the SEC Oversight Assurance Review Inspection Program (SOAR)
28 October 2020
  DRAWING DISTINCTIONS: An introduction to Financing Companies, Lending Companies, Foundations and Microfinance NGOs
11 November 2020
  Doing Business in the Philippines
  Various Types of Investment Opportunities
03 December 2020
  Recalibrate, Innovate and Participate! Introducing the Basics and Updates on Registered Issuers, Investment Companies and Public Companies
    a. Updates on Investment Company Act Implementing Rules and Regulations and Others Rules Issued Application to Investment Companies, Public Companies, and Issuers of Proprietary and Non-Proprietary Securities
    b. Registration Requirements for Investment Companies and Issuers of Proprietary and Non-Proprietary Securities
    c. Reportorial Requirements for Investment companies, Issuers of Proprietary and Non-Proprietary Securities, and Public Companies