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Accreditation of Training Providers

Schedule of Availability of Service:
Mondays to Fridays, 8:00am-5:00pm without noon break

Who May Avail of the Service:
Institutional Training Providers

What Are the Requirements:
1. Written application for accreditation as an institutional training provider;
2. That it is formally organized to conduct training activities and that it has an adequate track record of successfully conducting corporate training programs including preferably training in corporate governance;
3. That it has a sound business plan including reasonable training fees for conducting corporate governance training and adequate financial and organizational resources to execute the same;
4. That it can guarantee a qualified line-up of trainers who can effectively deliver, as a minimum, the required training in accordance with the Code with special emphasis on the following mandated topics –

a. Illegal activities of corporations/directors/officers;
b. Insider Trading
c. Protection of minority stockholders;
d. Short Swing Transactions;
e. Liabilities of Directors;
f. Confidentiality

Pre-Evaluation Procedures:

1 Submit complete requirements for accreditation.

Pre-evaluates application and supporting documents.

a. If application and supporting documents are not complete, the same are returned to applicant with list of requirements not complied with.

b. If application and supporting documents are complete, prepares Payment Assessment Form (PAF) and instructs applicant to proceed to the Cashier

15 minutes CGFD
2 Presents the PAF at the Cashier and settles the required fee.
Filing Fee: P5,000.00
LRF: P50.00
Process payment and issue O.R. 30 minutes Cashier
3 Submits the machine-validated PAF to CGFD, together with the application and its supporting documents Upon receipt of the application, process the application. 5 minutes Specialist

Note: Duration of Activity under normal circumstances