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Welcome Message of the Chairman

Welcome to the enhanced website of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)! As the SEC celebrates its 85th founding anniversary, we deem it an opportune time to innovate our engagement with our stakeholders through this enhanced website.

We developed this website as the main platform for timely and extensive dissemination of our policies, notices and other information that are relevant to corporate and capital market entities and professionals, investors and the general public.

In support of the government’s objective to improve the ease of doing business in the country, we have accelerated the implementation of our digitalization reforms, expanded our online services and made them more accessible to the public.

Registration of companies is now made easier and faster through the Electronic Simplified Processing of Application for Registration of Companies (eSPARC), an online registration facility launched in April 2021. The eSPARC allows an applicant to submit the proposed company name and input details of the Articles of Incorporation online. Initially catering applications for registrations of One Person Corporations (OPCs) and domestic stock and nonstock corporations, the eSPARC as well began receiving applications for registration of partnerships and licensing of foreign corporations on 15 September 2021. This completes the transition from the SEC Company Registration System (CRS) to eSPARC.

Further, on 15 September 2021, we have launched the One Day Submission and Electronic Registration of Companies (OneSEC), a subsystem of the eSPARC. The OneSEC is considered a “pass through” as it requires minimal encoding of data on the part of the registrants with most of the company information already pre-filled. Processing through the OneSEC is completely seamless and fully automated, with no human intervention on the part of the Commission from name verification of the proposed corporate name up to the issuance of the digital copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.

Payments of registration and other transaction fees, as well as penalties, may now also be made online using debit and credit cards, digital wallets and other cashless payment options through the Electronic System for Payments to the SEC (eSPAYSEC), which was launched on 01 March 2021.

Meanwhile, reportorial requirements, including the Audited Financial Statements (AFS), General Information Sheet (GIS), Sworn Statement for Foundations (SSF), General Form for Financial Statements (GFFS), and Special Form for Financial Statements (SFFS), may now be submitted and accessed through the Electronic Filing and Submission Tool (eFAST), which was launched on 15 March 2021.

The enhanced website also includes a broader investor education platform featuring content from the SEC CAMPAIGN Network, and new publications such as the SEConomics.

Launched in 2020, the SEC CAMPAIGN Network is the overarching investor education program of the Commission in partnership with an 18-strong network of organizations joining hands to educate our kababayans worldwide on investing safely and sustainably. Following the successful inaugural celebration of the Investor Protection Week (IPW) in 2020, the SEC CAMPAIGN Network has gone global with the inaugural celebration of the World Investor Week (WIW) in 2021, in collaboration with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). The SEC CAMPAIGN Network Webinar Series, as well as the IPW and WIW events, are featured on the website.

The SEConomics, launched in 2021, is a monthly electronic publication that provides brief insights about the Philippine economy, as well as the global and regional economies, the capital markets, and the corporate environment on a month-to-month, year-on-year, and/or year-to-date basis.

We designed the website to be interactive to encourage the exchange of ideas and information between the SEC and our stakeholders, and become the prime venue for a virtual community in pursuit of corporate and capital market development. The website features i-Message Mo, a messaging facility that enables our regulated entities and professionals, investors and the general public to send queries, complaints and other forms of feedback on SEC-related matters. To further widen our interaction with stakeholders, we harnessed the advantages of social media to make the website accessible to the thriving online community of market participants and observers.

We hope that you will find our enhanced website responsive to your needs as SEC stakeholders. And as the world becomes more digital, expect even more exciting features and improvements that will make transacting with the SEC easier and faster more than ever.

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in the SEC for the past 85 years that led to the Commission SEC being recognized by the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) in 2019 for its upgraded system process and innovative measures which contributed to the effective and efficient delivery of public service and the reduction of corruption in government, and given four (4) special citations from the Anti-Red Tape Authority in 2021 for implementing reforms that resulted in the improvement of the ease of doing business in the country.

We look forward to a more dynamic and productive partnership with you in the coming years.