Date Posted: 10 March 2015



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This Commission has received information about the proliferation Of bogus SEC public advisories concerning EMGOLDEX Philippines that bear the SEC logo or appear to have been issued by the Commission or signed by any of its officials.
Please be advised that the official Advisory concerning EMGOLDEX Philippines was released and issued by SEC on February 13, 2015 through its official website
The public is thus warned that all other purported public advisories regarding EMGOLDEX that ostensibly carry the name of SEC or any Of its officials are unauthorized, fictitious and fabricated, especially if these are not found or posted in
TO set the record straight, this Commission reiterates its official Advisory, that per existing records, EMGOLDEX Philippines is not a registered corporation or partnership in the Philippines. EMGOLDEX Philippines is not also licensed or authorized to solicit investments from the public in the Philippines.
With regard to the claim that EMGOLDEX is a registered entity in foreign countries like GERMANY, DUBAI, CYPRUS and elsewhere, it is still NOT ALLOWED to conduct investment solicitation activities in the Philippines without first securing the required registration and license from the SEC.
Any person who is acting as an agent, salesman, investment solicitor, promoter, endorser of investment solicitation, for and in behalf of EMGOLDEX Philippines, is also required to secure the appropriate license from the SEC before engaging in such investment solicitation.
Any public offering or solicitation Of investment in the Philippines without the prior license or permit from the SEC is strictly prohibited by law and may be penalized by imprisonment and/or fine. There is no distinction whether the investment offering is made through the internet or in a commercial or public place as long as the investment solicitation is indiscriminately offered to the public in general within this jurisdiction.
26 February 2015, Mandaluyong City