Date Posted: 28 June 2019



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The Securities and Exchange Commission(Hereafter “Commission”)has received information that individuals or group of persons representing UNLISHOP E-COMMERCE ADVERTISING SYSTEM COMPANY DOING BUSINESS UNDER UNLISHOP E-COMMERCE ADVERTISING SYSTEM (Hereafter “UNLISHOP”)are enticing the public to invest in the said entity online or through the internet.Per records of the Commission, UNLISHOPis registered as a partnership headed by HectorJohn Hemady Dolleroand Ryan Guerrero Hemady. Its primary purpose is “to engagein the business of buying, selling, advertising of products on online services or over the Internet. It also includes the online marketplaces which process third-party business-to-consumer or consumer-to-consumer sales.”However, the said partnership is not authorized to solicit investments from the public as the above-mentioned entity did not secure prior registration and/or license to solicit investment from the Commission as prescribed under Section 8 of the Securities Regulation Code.Based on the information gathered by the Commission, UNLISHOPentices the public to invest by selling online account codes and recruiting other individuals to join the investment scheme. The entire investment scheme is described in detail below:The investor will create his/her own account in this;The investorwill be asked to fill up his First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Email address, Mobile Number, Username, Password and Confirm Password;The investor will then buy an activation code worth P1,000 per account(can have multiple accounts with a maxium of 31accounts)then send a picture of the receipt to his upline or recruiterfor processing;Once he has signed up and activated his account,theinvestor will automatically receive P1,000 as a welcome reward(one time award);After activating theaccount,the investor will earnthe following: Daily Download Bonus –Each time a memberdownloadsane-book the investor earns Php100. The investorcan download one e book per day for a maximum of 10 days and collect Php1,000;UNLI Online Shopping Voucher –When the memberfranchisesan e-commerce the memberwill get Php1,000 shopping voucher to be usedin the online shop. The investor will be receiving the Php 1,000 vouchermonthly for free;
Direct Referral Bonus –The investor is entitledto Php100 for every person he recruits;Indirect Referral Bonus –If his downline recruitedanybody to join, the investor will receive Php15.00per invite from second leveldown to the fifteenth level;Matching Bonus -The investor is entitled to a matching bonus of Php 200 for every pair the memberrecruited for a maximum of 40 pairs per day or a total of Php 8,000.00; Builder Bonus -the investor will receive 10% incentive from the matching bonus of the investor’sdirect referrals;Profit Sharing–shall be given on a daily basis for a maximum of P1,500 per member based on the income of the company;Royalty Award –each time the investor’s recruit from first level to the fifteenth level, usestheir shopping voucherfrom UNLISHOP’sonline store,the investorwill receive Php20.00;Global Pool Bonus -the investor will receive every quarter a GPB depending on the investor’s rank and requirement. The following table shows the Investor rank and percentage to be received:Investor RankGPBStar Director2%Director3%Ambassador5%Ambassador Ruby15%Ambassador Emerald10%Royal Ambassador15%The public is hereby warned that such investment schemes are considered as securities subject to the regulatory authority of this Commission. The recruitment of investor members under the guise of sponsoring a person into the system or platformis likewiseconsidered a form of investment solicitation or a sale of securities. Although UNLISHOP E-COMMERCE ADVERTISING SYSTEM COMPANY DOING BUSINESS UNDER UNLISHOOP E-COMMERCE ADVERTISING SYSTEMis registered with the Commission as a partnership, however, such registration does NOTauthorize the company to offer, solicit, sell or distribute any investment/securities. Such activities require a Secondary License from the Commission and the securities or investment productshould likewise be registered with the SEC before they can be offered or sold to the public under Sections 8 and 12 of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC).
Likewise, those who act as salesmen, brokers, dealers or agents of thesecompanies in selling or convincing people to invest in the investment scheme being offered by these entitiesincluding solicitations and recruitment through the internet may likewise be prosecuted and held criminally liable under Section 28 of the Securities Regulation Code and penalized with a maximum fine of Five Million pesos (P5,000,000.00) or penalty of twenty-one (21) years of imprisonment or both pursuant to Section 73 of the SRC. Accordingly, those who invite or recruit other people to join or invest in this venture or offer investment contracts or securities to the public may be held criminally liable or accordingly sanctioned or penalized in accordance with the Supreme Court decision in the case of SEC vs. Oudine Santos (G.R. No. 195542, March 19, 2014).In view thereof, the public is hereby advised to exercise caution before investing in these kinds of activities and to take the necessary precaution in dealing with UNLISHOP E-COMMERCE ADVERTISING SYSTEM COMPANY DOING BUSINESS UNDER UNLISHOOP E-COMMERCE ADVERTISING SYSTEMor its representatives.Should you have any information regarding the operation of the subject entity, please call the Enforcement and Investor Protection Department at telephone numbers (02) 818-6047.For the guidance of the public.21 June 2019