Date Posted: 5 December 2019



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In response to reports received by the Commission regarding the activities of WBA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, WBA ADVERTISING, WEALTH BUILDER ADVERTISING, WEALTH BUILDER ACCELERATOR, WEALTH BUILDER-ACCELERATOR-WBA ADVERTISING PHILIPPINES, and BTC(“WBA” for brevity)operated by LIBRADO PEREZ, OMAR DELA CRUZ, and NOE PEREZ., the Commission wishes to inform the public that WBAis NOT AUTHORIZEDto solicit, accept or take investments/placements from the public nor to issue investment contracts and other forms of securities defined under Section 3 of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC) because it does not have a secondary license from the Commission to solicit investments or other securities from the public for whatever purpose as provided under Sections 8 and 28 of the SRC.Based on information gatheredby the Commission, WBAoffers the following compensation plans (complans), to wit:1.Revenue-sharing programwith a minimum investment of Five Thousand Pesos (Php 5,000.00) with referralbonuses such as:a.Sign Up Bonus of Eight Hundred Pesos (Php 800.00);b.Referral Link Bonus of One Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (Php 1,500.00) by sharing the WBA complan to others;c.Direct Referral Bonus of Three Hundred Pesos (Php 300.00);d.Matching Bonus of Three Hundred Pesos (Php 300.00);e.Indirect Bonus of Twenty Pesos (Php 20.00) for every 2ndto 6thlevel referrals; andf.Unilevel Bonus of Ten Pesos (Php 10.00) for the 1stto 10thlevel referrals.2.Leveraging system by whichinvestorscan earn Five Percent (5%) from all transaction made by their direct referrals and an additional One (1%) fromtheirsecond to seventh level referrals.3.WBA Project Funding with a minimum investment of Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000.00) with a return of investment of Twenty Percent (20%) per month.In addition, the investors may ought to sell ostensibleproductsboughtfrom WBA at a Forty Percent (40%) discount or let WBA sell such products fora retail profit
of Thirty-Five Percent (35%) to Sixty-Three Percent (63%)permonth in lieu of an optional lock-in systemof Four (4) to Six (6) months;Automobiles and condominium units are likewise promised to VIP subscribers/investors of WBA.According to sources, WBAplans tochange its name to BTCand now offers to double the investors’ monies after Ten (10) months.The public is advised to exercise caution in dealing with any individuals or group of persons soliciting investments for and on behalf of WBAor BTC andany entities using similar schemes. Those who act as salesmen, brokers, dealers or agents of WBAor BTC in selling or convincing people to invest in the investment scheme being offered by these entities including solicitations and recruitment through the internet may likewise be prosecuted and held criminally liable under Section 28 of the SRC and penalized with a maximum fine of Five Million pesos (P5,000,000.00) or penalty of twenty-one (21) years of imprisonment or both pursuant to Section 73 of the SRC. Also, those who invite or recruit others to join or invest in suchventure or offer investment contracts or securities to the public may incurcriminally liability, or otherwise be sanctioned or penalized accordingly as held by the Supreme Court inthe case of Securities and Exchange Commissionvs. Oudine Santos (G.R. No. 195542, March 19, 2014).Furthermore, the names of all those involved will be reported to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) so that the appropriate penalties and/or taxes be correspondingly assessed.Should you have any information regarding the operation of the subject entity, please call the Enforcement and Investor Protection Department at telephone number (02) 8818-6047 or send your report to the EIPD at the guidance of the public.Pasay City, 25November 2019