The public is advised NOT TO INVEST or STOP INVESTING in any investment scheme being offered by BORREGO SOLAR INC.

Date Posted: 10 May 2022



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This ADVISORY is prompted by information gathered by the Commission that
a number of individuals or group of persons have been claiming to represent
BORREGO SOLAR INC., and are enticing the public to invest their money in the said
Posts have been appearing online containing statements that BORREGO
SOLAR INC. is offering investments to the public through the website: or through an app available on Google Play store. Signing up
through a personal mobile number will entitle investors to receive a cash bonus of
Php58.00 which can be used to buy the entity’s package.
As posted, BORREGO SOLAR INC. offers different packages ranging from
PHP 200 up to PHP 80,000. Users may opt to choose from the following packages:
*Generation period refers to the number of days; Component price refers to the price of the package;
Electricity bill refers to the daily earnings up to maturity.
Users earn by purchasing any package and wait until the said “generation
period” matures with a guarantee of no loss. A YouTube video contains a
discussion of the expected earnings of each package of BORREGO SOLAR INC., to
To recharge, the application gives two options to recharge: (1) Gcash; and (2) If the user chooses the Gcash option, the application generates a QR code,
where the user pays or sends money to. The application’s protocol is to inform the
regional manager first before proceeding to recharging the user’s account.
Consequently, to withdraw earnings, the application notifies the user if the purchased
contract reaches expiration. The regional manager, where the user is registered, will
allegedly send the money through the Gcash number provided by the user.
As the above described schemes involve the sale of securities to the public, the
Securities Regulation Code (SRC) requires that these securities must first be duly
registered with the Commission and that the concerned corporation and/or its agents
have the appropriate registration and/or license to sell such securities to the public
pursuant to Section 8 and 28 of the SRC.
The public is hereby informed that BORREGO SOLAR INC. is not registered
with the Commission either as a corporation or as a partnership. Further, it is NOT
AUTHORIZED to solicit investments from the public since it has not secured prior
registration and/or license from the Commission as prescribed under Sections 8 and
28 of the SRC.
Hence, the public is advised NOT TO INVEST or STOP INVESTING in any
investment scheme being offered by any individual or group of persons allegedly for or
on behalf of BORREGO SOLAR INC. and to exercise caution in dealing with any
individuals or group of persons soliciting investments for and on behalf of it.
Accordingly, those who invite or recruit others to join or invest in such venture
or offer unregistered investment contracts or unregistered securities to the public may
incur criminally liability or be sanctioned or penalized accordingly as held by the
Daily earnings Total
Period (%)
per day (%)
PHP 200 2 PHP 4 PHP 8 4% 2%
PHP 800 5 PHP 20 PHP 100 12.5% 2.5%
PHP 2,000 10 PHP 60 PHP 600 30% 3%
PHP 3,000 7 PHP 90 PHP 630 21% 3%
PHP 5,000 25 PHP 160 PHP 4,000 80% 3.2%
PHP 30,000 55 PHP 2,730 PHP 150,150 500.5% 9.1%
PHP 50,000 68 PHP 5,500 PHP 374,000 748% 11%
PHP 80,000 49 PHP 10,400 PHP 509,600 637% 13%
Supreme Court in the case of Securities and Exchange Commission vs. Oudine
Santos (G.R. No. 195542, 19 March 2014).
Should you have any information on any recruitment or securities solicitation
activities being undertaken by persons or group of persons claiming to represent
BORREGO SOLAR INC., you may send your reports to the Enforcement and
Investor Protection Department through email at
For the guidance of the public.
Pasay City, 10 May 2022.