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SEC Internship Program
SEC Internship Program

The SEC Internship Program is a unique learning opportunity that brings together highly qualified and motivated students with diverse backgrounds into the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to gain direct practical experience with its work and its current operational needs. It offers an immersive work experience designed to transform them into prospective professionals capable of applying the theoretical knowledge in the workplace. At the same time, the internship program ensures, where possible, optimal use of the student-intern’s aptitude with a view to contributing to the improved management of the workload of the SEC.

The entire program is anchored on three (3) pillars:

a.  Possible solution to structural unemployment

  As a mentoring institution, the SEC seeks to do its part in addressing the pressing issue of structural unemployment problem of the national government, in which half-baked graduates enter the labor force but aren’t employable by the industry.

b.  Resource augmentation

 The SEC could use the infusion of fresh talent to supplement its human capital and reinvigorate its public service delivery.

c.  Strategic investment in terms of workforce replenishment

  Through the internship program, the SEC seeks to invest in the creation of a pool of prospective employees or new hires as part of its contingency workforce planning.


The SEC may accept interns provided that the following minimum qualifications are met:

1.  Enrolled in an Undergraduate or a Law Degree Program

2.  Must be vetted by the higher education institution where the student is currently enrolled, ensuring among others that the student is:

 a.  Morally fit (i.e., no derogatory record involving behavioral problems arising from moral turpitude)

 b.  Technically fit (i.e., computer literate, English and Filipino proficient)

 c.  Physically and mentally fit

 d.  In possession of sufficient social competence (interpersonal skills)

 e.  Properly motivated (i.e., open to learning and to contributing to collective goal attainment)

3.  Must be currently enrolled in a CHED-registered higher education institution at the time of application for the internship;

4.  Must not undergo internship as a pre-requisite for graduation


Interested students must send the following requirements [in PDF format] electronically to the HRAD’s Learning Resource and Information Division at, viz:

1.  Application letter addressed to the Internship Program Director/Manager

   Ricky M. Abundo
   Program Director
   Human Resource and Administrative Department
   Securities and Exchange Commission


      Florielei G. Sih
      Program Manager
      SEC Internship Program

2.    Curriculum Vitae/Resume

2.    Signed School Endorsement

4.  Duly completed SIP Internship Forms:

 a.  Form 101 (Internship Application Form) with School Endorsement

 b.  Form 102 (Essay Questionnaire)

 c.  Form 103 (Medical/Health Certificate)

 d.  Form 104 (Personal Data Sheet with photos – CS Form 212, Rev 2017)

5.  Copies of the following school documents:

 a.  Scanned copy of School Identification Card

 b.  Proof of School Registration/Enrollment with Class Schedule (Current Semester)

After submission, kindly accomplish the SIP Application Acknowledgement Form:

Selection and Assessment

Eligible candidates must apply electronically by transmitting all the requirements to

• The SEC announces the pre-admission requirements on its website and in its various social media channels.

•  All documentary requirements (signed application letter, CV/Resume, School Endorsement, Accomplished and signed SIP forms 101 to 104) must be MERGED as one (1) PDF file.;

• The SEC evaluates applications based on: eligibility requirements, relevance of academic study, and the level of interest and motivation to contribute to the work of the agency. The SEC also considers institutional representation and gender in the overall intern selection process.;

•  Applications with incomplete requirements will not be entertained.