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SEC Sustainability Corner

Sustainability Policy Statement


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Philippines, the prudent registrar and supervisor of the corporate sector, and the independent guardian of the capital market, fully advocates sustainability in all aspects of its functions. Sustainability, defined as a “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations,” poses risks and opportunities for all, hence, the need for the Commission to promote initiatives to manage anticipated risks and seize opportunities that could affect the corporate sector, as well as the capital market.


The SEC, in the performance of its mandated functions, commits to adhere to the principles of sustainable use and the protection of the environment, economy and society toward achieving universal sustainability targets like the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, as well as national policies like AmBisyon Natin 2040.


The Commission also commits to the UN Climate Change’s Net Zero Emissions target by 2050, by joining collective efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero to prevent the worsening impacts of climate change and preserve a livable planet.


To put these commitments into practice, the Commission will strengthen its strategies that take into consideration the risks and opportunities inherent in sustainability challenges, communicate this plan to all stakeholders, implement necessary measures, monitor its metrics and targets, regularly report, and make necessary recommendations to sustain and enhance all these initiatives.


The Commission shall ensure awareness on sustainability and climate related agenda, and provide proper training of its personnel on challenges inherent to sustainability. All SEC employees are expected to contribute in any form possible to the sustainability-related activities of the SEC, and serve as models for sustainability practices not just in the workplace, but in their respective homes and communities as well.


As such, this policy will provide the framework for setting sustainability objectives and strategies, and shall signify the Commission’s efforts to “walk the talk.”