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Acquiring a Copy of the Directory of the Philippines' Top 1000 Corporations

What is the “Philippines’ Top 1000 Corporations”?

The Philippines’ Top 1000 Corporations is one of the SEC’s annual publications about the financial performance of the top SEC-registered stock corporations, ranked according to gross revenues. The report contains the financial (gross revenue, profits, assets, liabilities and equities, along with an assessment of sectoral and industry performance for the period) and non-financial (company address, contact details, and industry classification) information of the company.

How is the ranking determined?

The ranking is based on gross revenues as reported in the company’s Audited Financial Statements (AFS) as of the cut-off processing period determined by the SEC. Gross Revenues include revenue from sale of goods, revenue from rendering of services, share of the profit or loss of associates and joint ventures accounted for using the equity method, and other income.

What is the latest edition of the publication and how can I get a copy of the same?

The latest publication covers the FY 2021 Directory of the Philippines’ Top 1000 Corporations (by Gross Revenue) with the following formats:

a. Excel (.xlsx) – Php 10,000.00

b. Portable document format (.pdf) – Php 5,000.00

The FY 2020 Directory and earlier versions of the ranking are also available and can be purchased separately at the same rate stated above.

The Directory is presented according to:

a. Gross Revenue;

b. Industry;

c. Region; and,

d. Company Name.

The Directory also contains the following details:

a. Rank;

b. Company Name;

c. SEC Registration Number;

d. Company Address;

e. Philippine Standard Industrial Classification Code (or PSIC, 2009 version);

f. Business Telephone Number;

g. Fax Number;

h. Email Address; and

i. Company Website.

Kindly note that the business telephone number, fax number, email address, and company website are based on the information provided in the corporations’ General Information Sheet submissions for the requested fiscal year.

All inquiries and placement of orders may be sent via email to casd@sec.gov.ph.