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Request for Statistics, Reports, and Data

  1. How can we obtain statistics, reports, and data from the SEC?
    Please visit Philippines’ Top Corporations and Registration and Investment Statistics for the list of free data sets.
    For other statistics, reports, and data, inquiries may be sent via email to casd@sec.gov.ph.
    The requesting party must identify the purpose of the request and the specific data elements needed. Once the request has been evaluated and confirmation obtained that the data can be generated, the researcher will be advised of the following:
    a. Issuance of payment assessment form (via e-mail) indicating the total cost of the request, together with the list of data elements to be provided.
    b. Payment may be made via the following channels:
  – Online payment through eSPAYSEC; or
  – Over-the counter deposit through Land Bank branches.
    c. Proof of payment must be submitted to ERTD for validation prior the release of the requested data.
    d. The ERTD will advise the researcher on the period of processing of data depending on the category of request (simple – 30 minutes, complex – 5 working days, and highly technical – 15 working days) from receipt of payment.
    e. The requested data will be sent via email.