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Request for Company Listings

How to obtain Company Listings of SEC-registered firms?

The public (individual and institutional researchers) may file a request in person to the Information and Communications Technology Department (ICTD) at the SEC Headquarters, 7907 Makati Avenue, Bel-Air, Makati City 1209 c/o Ms. Josefina M. Paquiz, identifying the purpose of the request and the specific data elements needed, such as:

1. Type of Organization (stock corporation, non-stock corporation, partnership)

2. Period Covered (registered from <start> to <end>)

3. Industry Classification

4. Geographical Location

5. Other Basic Information (e.g. address)

What are the fees, and the processing time for requests for company listings?

1. The researcher needs to submit a duly filled-out Request Form to the ICTD for evaluation and assessment of estimated processing fee.

2. Once fees are assessed, and the researcher has given the ICTD the go-signal to proceed with processing the data, an assessment form is issued for the payment of deposit fee in the amount of PhP200.00 to the SEC Cashier at the Ground Floor, Secretariat Building, PICC. The researcher should submit the receipt to ICTD for recording.

3. Prior to release of data, the ICTD will issue the assessment form for the processing fee balance. The researcher needs to pay the balance at the SEC Cashier, and upon presentation of the proof of payment, the ICTD releases the data.

4. Processing of data takes fifteen (15) days from receipt of deposit fee. The ICTD will advise the researcher on when the data becomes available for pick-up.